10 Observations:

  1. Totally 15 figures
  2. Most of those figures look like people with dark skinned. Even not look like modern human being, more close to hominid.
  3. Some actions of certain figure were confused. Such as, between push and pull.
  4. Variety of cloth style, including cowboy hat, boots, and medieval maid dress.
  5. Relation with the surrounding space. Design for the space or blocked by stairway?
  6. The title of this artwork is Event Horizon. Definition of Event Horizon is Later a strict definition was introduced as a boundary beyond which events cannot affect any outside observer at all (Wikipedia). Is this title imply any message that artist wants to convey? Also, even the title is Horizon, this artwork was installed vertically.
  7. Broken hand and foot spread at some places. Also one of the women figure’s hands were cuffed.
  8. Those figures could be divided into three different status: staying, falling down, getting out.
  9. The whole cave was distorting.
  10. Black part of this artwork might be double layer, thicker than the white part.

3 Observations from other students:

  1. Edges of the artwork was rough. It looks like some sort of paper cutting techniques.
  2. Figures suggest that they were finding an escape during slavery period.
  3. The artwork shows a women’s life from her childhood to an adult with relationship with different men.

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