5 Personal Design Value

  1. Every design should be better than last design, from any perspective.
  2. Always keep detail-oriented. The devil is in the detail.
  3. Design should be understandable by everyone(at least by your users). Design is not fine art.
  4. Good design should be visual attractive.
  5. Do the research, but not lost in the research.

3 Domain

  1. Food Innovation (main interests at least for now)
  2. Computer Vision
  3. Education related to Typography

25 Questions about the Domain (I m pretty sure I couldn’t make it to 25 tho)

  1. How design and technology can reshape our food system?
  2. What is the actual meaning of food designer?
  3. Have you ever hear about 3D-printed food?
  4. Maybe 3D-printed food not only about change chocolate and sugar into fancy shape?
  5. How the 3D-printed food could infused into current food industry?
  6. What career options are there in food technology?
  7. What is the difference between food science and food technology?
  8. Why is food technology important?
  9. How the food processing and manufacturing could connected with technology?
  10. How’s the development of food industry in past 20 years?
  11. What are specific areas in food design industry?
  12. Will people accept 3D-printed food?
  13. Will 3D-printed food has ethical problem?
  14. Is 3D-printed food makes improvement on sustainability of our daily life?
  15. Is this domain was included in speculative design?

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