Today’s hang out with other students from different section was pretty valuable. I met somebody who studied in information system and worked at an investment bank for years and the other one studied in computer science with specialty in Human Computer Interface. It’s nice to meet people from different fields and take advantages from each others.

So they gave me some feedback about my questions which related to my domain.

// How the public gonna accept those new technology infused food? Such as 3D-pritnted food, or Chole’s project “in vitro ME” ( ). Tiffany told me a sci-fi movie called “Soylent Green”. In the movie, “soylent green” is a meal-substitute stuff, due to a shortage of food, water, and housing. And it’s actually made by dead people’s body. So, the question is people really could accept those new technology infused food in the future, compare to those traditional food that feds our ancestors for thousand years.

// The second thing is related to the sustainability of new technology infused food. Jai pointed out the comparison between using new technology to manufacturing food and traditional way to produce food. Which way cost more resources in the current level of development of technology.

// The third one is about the taste of future versus the taste of back. It’s kinda similar with how to let people accept technology infused food, but from my perspective it could be expand to the flavor and meaning behind food. The food often not only means to fill somebody’s stomach, it perhaps contained people’s good memory. But if all you got is a Bolognese Spaghetti flavored mushroom, will you accept it or not?

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