Today’s activity was really helpful to get different ideas from our peers. The randomness of throwing ideas could significantly help with exploration of our research question. Even the form got nothing to do with the concept, but after thinking about the relationship between those two things, I found some interesting connections between the form and the question.

My original question is how the public gonna accept those new technology infused food in the next 20 years? from material and ethical perspective?

The hint I got is dinner table.

So I was trying to think about if we could bring the whole 3D-printed process to people’s diner table. People could watch the whole manufacturing process and involved into it. Through this process, people will get understanding of what is the material for printed food and watch the whole process while the food is printing. Human-being always fear of unknown stuff. But once people saw the whole process and understood what’s inside the food, they would accept new-technology infused food more easily.

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