Concept Pitch 1/3

Actually, this is one of iterations of my previous food design project. But somehow it got shut down for some reasons. When I review this sketch during this global pandemic period, gradually I realize this idea has a huge potential to continue developing. The setting of this project is in the far future, which is a period with fully developed technology, but no space for eating, also there is no crops as food. How human being will survive then? Basically, my design a dining stasis chamber. You might have seen this in some space station scenes from science-fiction movies. Inside this chamber, there is a straw for bringing artificial food into our mouth. And the gas injector will spray aroma into the chamber to mimic the “real” food experience.

Concept Pitch 2/3

The second concept is an idea of future restaurant layout. The layout was derived from “Rotation Sushi Restaurant“. During the pandemic period, restaurant industry got a huge impact since the beginning, we still have no idea when the indoor dining will be resume. In order to following guidelines, the core concept is dividing central kitchen and dining rooms into independent modules with convertible roof. The separation of each group of customers and kitchen staff can help reduce the risk.


This news is a nice example of retrospective thinking.

Concept Pitch 3/3

This concept is trying to modify the crafting process of tableware in the future. I got inspired by a food design project called “Future Food Formulas 2.0” by a Netherlands food designer Chloé Rutzerveld. The Future Food Formulas an interactive installation that allows consumers to step into the shoes of a high-tech farmer and design their personalized future vegetable. Customized tableware is not a novel idea anymore, many artisans did that. But how can I change the crafting mode of customized tableware by using a data-driven format? I am trying to build a connection between tableware and food. The key point I need to figure out what is the meaning of tie the data of ingredient to the form of tableware and how. What kind of data I need and how the data will affect the final design.

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