20 Keywords:

Food Science / Tableware Design / Restaurant Design / Interior Design / Customization Tableware / Material / 3D Data Visualization / Abstract Crafting / Physical space and human interaction / Data driven Crafting / Parametric 3D Modeling

Project 1/3


Cultural Table by Ying Jiang

Table manner is a deeply grounded part in my early childhood memory, since I live with my grandparents before primary school. For a young child, table manners seems are way too unnecessary and over-elaborate formalities. But I gradually realize what kind of role that etiquette plays in the dining experience. Proper etiquette is still very important to Chinese people, who feel good manners are indications of good educational status and upbringing. Simply said, dining is not only about filling someone’s stomach, also it connects to socials tightly. In this project, those lovely animations were making viewers more comfortable and engaging during the process, instead of listening to your grandparent’s preaching for hours.

Project 2/3


GASTRO by Alonso Castro

This is a nice speculative food-related project. I have done some researches that suggests aroma is playing a critical role in dining experience. Also, the part in our brain that reacts to aroma controls the long-term memory. On another word, aroma has ability to recall our memory naturally. The “background” of this project was close to my imagination about future food culture. There is no crops, not enough space for plantation due to the Climate change, polluted environments, or invasive species etc. When people want to chase the memory of distinguished food, smells will do the job. The final design and short film was nice finished. The device has such a high-tech appearance.

Project 3/3



This project peeks in the term “abstracting craft” through a hole. I learned this term from the book “abstracting craft” by Malcolm McCullough. Computer and modern technology changes traditional crafting process from the root. One of the concept I embraced was how to make things without even knowing them. Combination of machine learning, parametric modeling and 3D printing will leads designers to explore the possibility of create things from various sources. It’s a process that making crafting process beyond human capability, and also it’s a process that giving physical forms to intangible things around us.

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